About a month ago, Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've created this group as a clearing house of information and ideas regarding Kate's progress in her fight against breast cancer.
We are truly grateful for all our caring friends and want to keep everyone up to date on what's going on. However,it can be a little daunting to make sure that all of our friends are caught up on where she's at, so I decided it would be a good idea to just update in one place. Everything is developing so quickly that it's hard to answer everyone's questions, so hopefully this will be a good resource for our friends to check in and see how things are going.
I'm also fielding some of the discussion to give Kate a break from having to think her situation all the time. This doesn't mean she doesn't want to hear from everyone, because she does. The warm wishes and good energy's really been incredible. It. just helps cut down on the repetition.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kate's Cancer VIII

Kate had her second infusion last Tuesday and it looks as if we managed to get the acid reflux under control. Kate also seems to be suffering a less severe reaction to the chemo, but a bit more prolonged. However maybe because the first go ‘round was so unknown and overwhelming, that we were so relieved when she felt better we were fine with the aches and malaise. They also warn that the effects are cumulative, so she may be feeling the reduction of blood cells as well.

The first 5 to 7 days after the infusion seems to have her all over the board in feeling tired and bad. The first couple days and she’s just out. Come the 4th day we usually can get out for an hour or so and that will slowly improve over the next couple. Also, the computer is out as it makes her queasy.
Between the first and second infusion we had dropped by my barber as Kate wanted to go even shorter and for the length we were considering, we felt a barber would be able to get at it best. So, when it was done Kate walked out with a “Boy’s Special” which was pretty cute on her. Real Sandy Duncan like.
We woke up quite early for her second infusion as she had to get there early to get a port surgically implanted. It goes under the skin on the chest near the left shoulder. This is so they don’t have to beat up her veins each time trying to give her and IV. They just find the end under her skin and poke. Anyway, the after-effects of the surgery were another thing she had to contend with this time.
While trying to get ready for the trip to MGH, it happened. Her hair started going. We rushed around, located the clippers, and buzzed all but a little shock of bangs down to #2. It’s a tough thing having to shave your wife’s head because she’s sick from chemo. It never was a problem when we were getting Mohawks, but this isn’t easy.

Mostly for me it’s the changed appearance. It reminds me every time I look at her that this is not normal. This is not how Kate should or wants to look. Not in a patronizing way, but the effect is the same as when you see sick kids on TV and feel sorry for them, because it seems unfair and that they really don’t look like children exactly. Kate is Kate, but again it’s just a constant reminder. I wish it would have struck me rather than her.

And last night, we had to clip her even further as it really started coming out in earnest. I must say though, the little pink hat with ears that Andrea knitted for her is fantastic and look great on her!

Speaking of friends, we’re overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the people in our life. Kirsten organized a casserole brigade and out of nowhere, dear friends show up with food. It really helps to not have to worry about a meal. One less thing to think about.
I don’t know how I can every repay everyone for taking care of the most special person I’ve ever will know. Kate’s feeling a bit guilty for not getting the Thank You’s out sooner, but it’s amazing how much time this whole thing takes up. However if anyone needs anything, please do not hesitate to ask. If I am able, I will be there.

I’ll stop here for now. Thanks everyone so much for the support you’ve given. It really means the world and helps us through this.